Carrie, or Rey, (her artist name) graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities and Art History at University of Washington in Seattle. She has also taken various studio art classes at Santa Barbara City College, including numerous drawing and painting classes. She enjoys working in different mediums including pastel and charcoal, oil and gouache. After spending twelve years in Germany with her husband and two kids, she has returned to California and is pursuing her art adventures and tattoo design while caring for her family. 

Solo Exhibitions

Caje, Carpinteria, CA 2009.
"Wrapped Up" Caje, Isla Vista, CA 2010.
Sojourner Cafe and Restaurant, Santa Barbara, CA. 2010
"Surf Art and Beach Culture", Java Joes, Ventura, CA. 2010
"Home Brewed", Island Brewing Company, Carpinteria, CA. 2010
"Rückkehr zum Meer", Haus Fischerzunft, Bad Säckingen, Germany. 2022
"Returned to the Sea", Bel Arts Factory, Studio 99, Ventura, CA.  March 1-April 23, 2024.

Juried Exhibitions

The Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center

"Festivals", 2009. Collage.  Juried by Joan Gunther.
"Urban Scenes", 2009.  Photography.  Juried by Susan Savage.
"In the Abstract", 2009.  Acrylic.  Juried by Anthony Askew.
"In the Abstract", 2010.  Acrylic.  Juried by Rick Stich.
"Prints, Photographs and Drawings", 2010.  Pastel.  Juried by Leonardo Nunez.

Group Exhibitions

"Meer und Kunst, Kunst und Meer" with Roland Köpfer (Holzall). Schlössle, Laufenburg, Germany, 2022.
"REGIOkultART" with Doris Horvath, Marlen Miggler, Franziska Tanner.  Kultschüür, Laufenburg, Switzerland, 2023.
"Newbies" Buenaventura Arts Association; Bel Arts Factory, Studio 99. Ventura, California, 2023. 
"Animals Wild and Domestic, Real or Imagined" Buenaventura Arts Association; Bel Arts Factory, Studio 99.  Ventura, CA, 2024.

Art Associations

Buenaventura Art Association Member 2023
Carpinteria Arts Association Member 2023-24