"Occy, Octopus Study"

        This member of the Cephalopod family has three hearts, blue blood, no skeleton, and a very complex nervous system. Each sucker of an octopus's tentacle can process information on it's own about what it is feeling or sensing due to it's incredible nervous system, thereby making decisions about possible food items without sending these signals back to the brain. It is now accepted that an octopus is very intelligent and capable of emotional intelligence and amazing camouflage! An octopus can also squeeze itself through tiny openings, making it a great escape artist and a nuisance to crab and lobster fisherman. Octopuses have a relatively short lifespan of roughly two years. For a wonderful film on these amazing creatures and the bonds they are capable of forming, check out "My Octopus Teacher", available on Netflix.
Original photograph by Olga Visavi.