"T.iger S.hark Eliot"

     Because sharks evoke a sense of fear, they can be highly misunderstood. There is still a lot to learn about sharks, but with the current rate of population decline, chances to study them are becoming slimmer.
     The tiger shark is the second largest predatory shark, after the great white and has a near threatened status, due to overfishing and shark finning. Without these apex predators, these complex ecosystems would become terribly out of balance. We need sharks in our oceans if our oceans are to survive just like we need the darkness in order to see the light.
     As a surfer, my instincts are to be afraid of sharks when in the water. This innate fear feels primitive, just like the shark itself. Instead of these beautiful creatures invoking fear and darkness, perhaps we can redirect our understanding towards light and compassion.

"Darkness declares the glory of light." -T. S. Eliot